The White Rectangular Counter Top Display is an ideal display case for dolls, a display case for beanie babies or a display case for baseball cards. Because this counter top display case can sit on a typical counter or sit on top of another display case, it is perfect for a small display a large display, without the need for extra floor space.

Lighting options for this white rectangular counter top display include one fluorescent, one halogen top light, or an LED light.  Glass doors with a keyed security lock enable you to access your product with ease, as well as provide extra protection from debris and added security.

Other features on this counter top display include a 23.5” display area, two adjustable tempered glass shelves, and a mirrored inner deck.

A clear coat finishes this counter top display case, at no additional cost to you.  This finish will keep this jewelry display case looking great for years to come.

Display-Smart ships nationwide including to the following cities: Gage NE, Morgan TN, Deweyville UT, Perkinsville VT, Mitchell WI.