Jewelry Display Cases for SaleSo many customers ask if we have a storefront to view the cases. Unfortunately, we don’t. We don’t because we build all of our cases to order. We do, however, have images on our product pages. Either images from the manufacturing plant or 3D drawings we designed.

We all know that the small details make all the difference in quality and unfortunately they are hard to see in images online. Keep reading and we will gladly share why our display cases are of great quality!


We understand that just viewing our product online you may not see or understand what makes our showcases different, so we would like to tell you about the quality of our displays!

We wanted to make a list of what we have to offer you in showcasing your merchandise in elegance.

  1. 1. All of our showcases are built with solid hardwood.

    While there’s a place for all different types of material for furniture, we choice hardwood for our display cases. Hardwood is aesthetically appealing in that it brings elegance and warmth to your retail environment.

    Because our showcases cases are wood, we can match your store’s current wood trim or furniture. We also offer many different types of colors to choose from as wood is very easily stained and different wood types produce different colors or styles.

    Our customers are pleased to have hardwood in their retail store! See our customer reviews page as testimony.

    hardwood for display cases


  2. 2. All of our hardwood display cases are manufactured in the United States.

    We are proud to say we build in the U.S. for multiple reasons. One of the reasons being that we are able to ship the cases to you fully assembled (except for the doors and shelves) at a low rate. The other reason is that we produce high quality showcases with skilled and trained workers. We are glad to say we help provide jobs and are apart of boosting the United States economy.

    Removing Remaining Side Panels

  3. 3. We provide extra security to our display cases.

    Other showcase manufacturers build their horizontal showcases that are similar to our queen anne jewelry vision display case with the top glass sitting loosely on the frame. While most people won’t be able to get into the case without being able to go through the sliding doors, we think their is a more secure way of building.

    Specially built for our products is the security frame. This simple and hardly seen detail helps secure the display with no distraction from the elegance and beauty of the display case.

    Security hardware for display cases

  4. 4. All of our display cases have levelers.

    We understand how frustrating it can be to have any furniture wobble. A wobble affect takes away from the conceptual stability of the case. Our goal is to display your retail product without any unwanted distractions from your merchandise.

    All of our display cases come with levelers. Did you buy an old building with class and characteristics aka uneven flours? Don’t worry… If you purchase from us, we’ve got you covered!

  5. 5. We provide top quality door tracks and locks.

    You will not have to worry about locks falling apart or doors not sliding well. We use the best hardware we can find! If you have specific hardware you would like for us to use, we will gladly suit your needs!

    Display Case Metal Sliding Door Track

  6. 6. We build our showcases with tempered glass.

    Take comfort in the odd chance a child runs into your display and breaks the glass, all of our display cases are built with tempered glass. When tempered glass breaks it breaks into small, relatives harmless, blunt glass fragments. We have children and grandchildren – we know the concern!

  7. 7. We customize or modify display cases to fit your needs.

    If you have a specific hardware or lighting request we would be pleased to provide them for you! If you have a design or style in mind that we do not show in our gallery, send us photos or drawings and our senior designer would be glad to consult with you and design the ideal retail store you have in mind!

    Custom display case drawing