Please note that the motor freight delivering carrier is only responsible for moving the shipment to the tailgate of their truck for delivering to a truck dock. It is up to the receiver to arrange removal from the truck to their building. You may, however, for an additional charge, specify lift-gated delivery. Lift-gate delivery means the freight will be transferred to a smaller truck at the terminal with a “lift-gate” which will lower the product to the ground. Freight companies will not uncrate the product or carry it inside. We will give the freight company a phone number and contact supplied by you to give a “courtesy call” to notify you or your business that they are headed in your direction.

You may also request the carrier to call 24 hours before delivery at an additional charge so that you may arrange for help at the delivery site for unloading the shipment.

The display cases(s) will be crated up on a skid. We will send uncrating instructions when the case ships. Most find that the uncrating process is not a struggle, however, the case(s) may be difficult to move into your store or residence. We would be glad to assist you in finding a local company to do an inside delivery of your case(s).

Category: Shipping