Queen Anne Wooden Jewelry Display Cases in store

When we received these beautiful images, Joe Thacker said, “We’re very pleased and proud of our new jewelry store so I enjoy showing it off!”


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Twelve  of our Queen Anne Jewelry Vision Case with Pull Out Deck are presenting Thacker Jewelry’s fine jewelry to their customers.Wooden Jewelry vitrines

The cases are made of cherry hardwood and have a custom stain with a clear coat. The decks of the display cases pull out from the back for ease of access when retrieving the jewelry. This type of opening verses sliding doors prevents bending down and reaching in. A simple pull of the drawer and picking up the jewelry makes it easy.

Display Cases made of solid wood and glass Each case is illuminated with an LED bar light. The color of the light is cool white at 5000K.

The customer requested chrome hardware which gives the case a finishing detail.Thacker Jewelry Exterior BuildingThe Queen Anne Pull Out Deck Display Cases come from our Pre-designed display gallery. The customer requested two custom magnetic deck pads for each case. Magnetic Deck Pad Drawing


These magnetic deck pads assist in keeping the items displayed from moving around when pulling out the drawer.

Magnetic Deck pads all 3


Instead of taking the product out individually to store in their safe at night, they are able to take the magnetic pads out, with the jewelry in place, and store the magnetic pads in the safe. This saves time and keeps the jewelry organized.

Thacker Jewelry Exterior Building


Unfortunately, even with our protective crates and interior packaging, there is always a possibility that periodically display cases can be handled roughly during shipment. This happened to a couple of the display cases.

We insure our cases and give instructions to our clients on how to handle return cases if this happens. Thacker followed the instructions and rejected the damaged crates and informed us. We quickly rebuilt the cases at no cost.

If you’d like a custom display case design please click here and fill out the form. If you would rather browse our Pre-deigned products, click here. Enjoy!

We also would like to encourage you to stop by there store and visit their website. The location is,
Thacker Jewelry
6120 82nd St.
Lubbock, TX 79424