Jewelry Vision Contemporary Rectangle Sit-Down Display Case

This display typically ranges from $2000 to $3000 depending on options you choose below.

You can read more about this display’s design and attributes as well as view the list of all possible configuration options by scrolling down the page to the description tabs below.

If you’ve decided on this display design, you can further customize it to meet your needs by using the option boxes below. Please go in order from top to bottom, making sure you make a selection in each set of options, as you configure your display case.

Once you’ve chosen your options, add it to your quote list to submit to us. We will then ask for your shipping zip code and some freight questions before you submit. Upon submission of your quote request, we will reply back shortly with your total costs including freight.

General Options – Sit-Downs Only +

Width *

Choose the width of your display case from the standard sizes or insert a custom width below.


Custom Width

If you have a non-standard width, please enter the measurement in inches below.


Display Material *

Stain or Color *

If you are using wood for your display case, choose your stain color below.

JV Base Area Options – Sit Down Only +

Seating Options *

Sit-Down cases are different from usual Horizontal cases in that they are 36 inches high rather than the typical 40 inches. They are built with a solid wood "privacy panel" down the clerk side and have no storage below them This accommodates for seated viewing for the customer. Please choose whether or not you would like a matching bench made or if you will be providing your own seating.

Cushion Color

If you have chosen to have a bench made with your display case, please choose your cushion color.

Custom Cushion Speficiations

Hardware Options +

Hardware Color

The hardware color applies to locks, tracks, hinges, and any other hardware your display case design may require.


Lighting Options +


Choose the type of light in your display case. And, if your case has lighting, choose your switch and cord options.


Choose where your switch goes.

Cord Location

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Sizing Information

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Additional information

Display Includes:

High Quality Hardware, Levelers, Tempered Glass, Security Frame

General Options
  • General Options.Width: 48 inch, 60 inch, 72 inch, Custom Width
  • General Options.Material: Red Oak (Hard And Most Economical), Poplar (Best For Lacquer Color), Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Mahogany, Maple, Walnut
  • General Options.Stain or Color: Clear Coat, Golden Pecan, Cherry, Gunstock, Early American, Red Chestnut, English Chestnut, Red Mahogany, Cordovan Cherry, Dark Cherry, Dark Walnut, Provincial, Espresso Brown, Ebony, Black Stain, White Stain, Black Satin Lacquer, White Satin Lacquer, Custom Color or Stain Match
Display Area Options
  • Display Area Options.Display Frame: Wood Framed, Metal Framed, Glass on Glass
  • Display Area Options.Display Front: Solid Glass Front
  • Display Area Options.Display Back: Solid Glass, Solid Mirror, Solid Wood, 1 Pull Out Deck Door, 2 Pull Out Decks Doors, 3 Pull Out Decks Doors, Sliding Glass Doors, Vertical Hinged Glass Doors, Sliding Wood Doors, Vertical Hinged Wood Doors, Fold Down Hinged Wood Doors
  • Display Area Options.Display Deck: Same As Case, Mirror, Black Fabric Pad, White Fabric Pad, Black Leatherette Pad, White Leatherette Pad, Black Lacquer, White Lacquer, Custom Deck
  • Display Area Options.Display Shelves: No Shelf
Base Area Options
  • Base Area Options.Base Design: Legs Only
Hardware Options
  • Hardware Options.Hardware Color: Silver, Brass, Black
  • Hardware Options.Locks: No Locks, On Display Only
Lighting Options
  • Lighting Options.Light: No Lights, LED Bulb Lights, LED Puck Lights, LED Strip Lights, LED Stem Lights, 36″ LED Bar Light, 48″ LED Bar Light, 60″ LED Bar Light, 72″ LED Bar Light, 36″ Gantry Light, 48″ Gantry Light, 60″ Gantry Light, 72″ Gantry Light
  • Lighting Options.Switch: No Switch, Push Button Under Display, Thumb Switch
  • Lighting Options.Cord Location: Clerk Side Center, Clerk Side Left, Clerk Side Right, Customer Side Left, Customer Side Right