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General Information

We Know Quality Is Essential!

Whether you’re buying for an entire new store design, or just a case or two for your home collection, your display cases and their quality matter!

By purchasing a Display Smart store fixture, you are investing in a marketing tool that will benefit your store for years to come, or an heirloom to be passed on for generations.

With the right store fixture, not only will you greatly enhance the look and style of your store, you will protect, organize,display and your product in a way that shows your customers you care. Your cases communicate the value of your product! Show your customers all you have to offer, in the highest quality way possible!

With hundreds of satisfied customers, and 40 years of experience in designing and building display cases, we know: the way you display your product matters!

For these reasons and more, we are very particular about every detail of the cases we make! From the type of wood and stain, to every lock, light, leveler, door hinge, drawar slider, and more, we work with you to make sure you have the best of exactly what you need without breaking the bank. That’s a rare promise these days!

Consider These Features:

Display Smart understands the importance of the perfect display. We want to help you in any way we can. We value our customer service above all else, and would love to get in touch with you to help you select the right store fixture for you! When putting together your perfect store fixture, keep these features in mind:

  • We offer LED lighting; you can select a warm white to bring out colors and fabrics, or a cool white to highlight jewelry and glassware.
  • We offer LED Top Lights and Bar Lights, as well as mini LED Flood Lights and Mini LED Spot Lights; for special placement, let us know at the time of the order.
  • Mini LED Flood and Mini LED Spot Lights can be attached to adjustable poles that run along the side of most jewelry cases.
  • Additional LED Top Lights can be added to most jewelry cases at the time of the purchase.
  • Using a surge protector with plug-in cases is highly recommended for safety and protection of the unit.
  • We can add locking drawers and storage areas to most cases.
  • Additional adjustable shelves can be added to display towers at the time of the order

We’ll Work With You Every Step Of The Way!

Our goal here at Display Smart is to design exactly what each customer needs. There are many ways your display can be customized. For all of our cases, we offer locks on any drawers, doors, or storage areas, complete with two keys per case.

We offer a variety of rich stains and lacquers. If you wish to finish your display case with a stain, the case will be built of solid Red Oak wood; if you wish to finish your case with a satin lacquer, the case will be crafted with solid Poplar wood. If you would like a sample of some of our different finishes or lacquers on solid Red Oak or Poplar, give us a call at 785.843.1869 and we’ll send some your way.

As a company that builds according to each individual order, a mutual understanding of production time is necessary. From the date of the order, our design office sends your design to our manufacturers who then orders all the necessary supplies, builds and customizes your display, crates it, and sends it off to the freight company. This process takes 4-6 weeks. We understanding the stress of opening a new store or remodeling an old one; that is why ordering your customized cases with the proper amount of construction time in mind is crucial. All cases are shipped fully assembled, with adjustable shelves packaged separately.

Display Case Design

Display Type (Overall Design and Dimensions)
60 Inch Jewelry Vision Tapered Leg Rectangle Horizontal Display Case To Purchase

Horizontal Display Case

60 Inch Full Vision Tapered Leg Cash Wrap Display Case To Purchase

Cash Wrap Display Case

A espresso brown wall display case

Wall Mount Display Case

Extended Contemporary Rectangle Horizontal Display Case With Tower Standard Vision

Tower Display Case

60 Inch Wide Contemporary Rectangle Sit-Down Display Case To Purchase

Sit-Down Display Case

Display Structure (Shape and Dimensions)


60 Inch Jewelry Vision Tapered Leg Rectangle Horizontal Display Case To Purchase


60 Inch Jewelry Vision Tapered Leg Octagon Horizontal Display Case to Purchase


60 Inch Extra Vision Tapered Leg Inside Corner Horizontal Display Case To Purchase


Jewelry Vision Tapered Leg Half Octagon Horizontal Display Case For Jewelry Store to Purchase

Half Octagon




Display Style (Legs and Trim)
Legs are possibly the most distinguishing feature of your display case. In fact, they are the primary factor used to designate your display’s style when shopping.

Here are a few examples of leg styles we provide, but we try to continually add more options for you. Because of this, the best way to see all your options is in the product catalog “Styles” drop down. By browsing the catalog, you can see different displays with different leg styles and get a visual of how your display will look.

Straight Leg

Straight Leg

Country French Leg

Country French Leg

Tapered Leg

Tapered Leg

Queen Anne Leg

Queen Anne Leg

Queen Anne Ball and Claw Leg

Queen Anne Ball and Claw Leg

Executive Leg

Executive Leg

Display Deck Options
You display’s “deck” is the bottom platform in the display area, and can greatly affect the look and feel of your display cases. You have multiple options when it comes to your display deck. Standard options are matching it with your wood stain, black or white hardboard, black or white fabric or felt, colored fabric of your choosing, and mirror. We have also done creative alternative options such as magnetic decks, and you may request any additional ideas or desires as part of your quote.


Black Hardboard Deck

Black Hardboard or Fabric Deck

White Hardboard Deck

White Hardboard or Fabric Deck

Mirror Deck

Mirror Deck

Display Door Options
Fold Down Wood Door

Fold Down Wood Door

Hinged Wood Door Option For A Display Case

Hinged Wood Door

Sliding Glass Door Attribute Image

Sliding Glass Door

Sliding Wood Door Option For A Display Case

Sliding Wood Door

Hinged Glass Door Option For A Display Case

Hinged Glass Door



Base Area Storage and Door Options
Wood Hinged Doors Attribute Image

Wood Hinged Doors

Wood Sliding Doors Attribute Image

Wood Sliding Doors

Glass Hinged Doors Attribute Image

Glass Hinged Doors

Glass Sliding Doors Attribute Image

Glass Sliding Doors

Legs and Storage Combo Attribute Image

Legs and Storage Combo

Open Shelf Attribute Image

Open Shelf

“Vision” Heights (The Glass Display Dimensions)

In the display and showcase industry, the glass height of the display area is referred to as the “vision height”. You will need to select a vision height when configuring your display case. Of course, if you have specific needs, you can request a custom vision height as part of your quote when you configure your display case in our product catalog.


You have many options to choose from when it comes to lights for your display cases. We offer LED lights in many different forms due to their low heat output and wide array of light colors (warm or cold) and configurations.

If you’d like to learn more about lighting options, and why we highly recommend LED lights, our blog post, [LINK], will explain more.

Here are a few examples of your lighting options for your display cases. Which you use will depend partly on display design and structure as well as your personal preference.



LED Puck Light

LED Puck Light

LED Gantry Light

LED Gantry Light

LED Bar Light

LED Bar Light

LED Stem Light

LED Stem Light

LED Screw In Bulb

LED Screw In Bulb

LED Mini Side Spot Light

LED Mini Side Spot Light

We use only high quality hardware that’s made to last whether doing wood to glass or glass on glass. Hinge finishes come in black, silver, and gold to match your style and decor. Other options may be available upon request.

Pivot Hinges In Multiple Colors

High Quality Wood To Glass Hinges

High Quality Glass To Glass Hinges

Glass on Glass Hinge

We use high quality lock hardware that, like your hinges, can be finished in silver, gold, or black. Multiple locking mechanisms exist for different door types depending on your display case design. We also use high quality metal slides (as opposed to plastic which you’ll often find on competitor displays). Additionally, we invented a security frame to surround your top glass — preventing glass from being lifted out of it’s place and keeping the contents of your display case securely inside the tempered safety glass of your display.

Plunger Lock

Cam Lock

Timberline Lock

Sliding Door Track Lock

Metal Sliding Door Tracks

We go above and beyond in our display case design and hardware to make sure you receive the very best display you can purchase. We believe in making the display we’d want to receive. Because of this, we include a few additional features, even beyond the high quality hardware we’ve already mentioned on this page, for the sake of convenience, security, and safety.


Leg Levelers

Heavy Duty Leg Levelers

Hanging Bar Bracket

Heavy Duty Hanging Bar Bracket


Small Levelers

Wood And Finishes

Hardwoods And Materials Options

Modifying the stains, finishes, and colors of any display is a simple yet effective way of customizing your display cases.

The stains below are shown on solid Red Oak wood.

After applying the stain, all of our displays are given a clear coat of lacquer to protect the wood from dirt and moisture. The clear coat will also help maintain your display’s stain and color for years to come.

We are a manufacturer and do have the capability of matching your current cases or woodwork; we do have a nominal charge to provide custom matches.

*Please note that normally all cases finished with satin lacquer are constructed with Poplar rather than Red Oak, due to the opaque color of the lacquer. If you’d like your case finished with satin lacquer, but constructed with a different hardwood, please be sure to select the wood type before requesting a quote.

*Though we specialize in hardwoods, metal materials are a material option we do provide customers that can be used to build or laminate certain displays upon request. Please indicate this desire in your quote request and we can discuss whether it can work and what materials and methods of applying it would work best for your situation.


Cherry Wood

Red Oak Wood

Hickory Wood

Mahogany Wood

Mapel Wood

Birch Wood

Walnut Wood

Poplar Wood




Finish And Color Options


Clear Coat Stain Option For Display Cases

Clear Coat

Red Chestnut Stain Option For Display Cases

Red Chestnut

Red Mahogany Stain Option For Display Cases

Red Mahogany

Provincial Stain Option For Display Cases


Golden Pecan Stain Option For Display Cases

Golden Pecan

Gunstock Stain Option For Display Cases


Dark Cherry Stain Option For Display Cases

Dark Cherry

Cherry Stain Option For Display Cases


Cordovan Cherry Stain Option For Display Cases

Cordovan Cherry

Early American Stain Option For Display Cases

Early American

Dark Walnut Stain Option For Display Cases

Dark Walnut

English Chestnut Stain Option For Display Cases

English Chestnut

Espresso Stain Option For Display Cases


Ebony Stain Option For Display Cases


White Stain Option For Display Cases

White Wash

Black Stain Finish Option For Display Cases

Black Stain

White Satin Stain Option For Display Cases

White Satin Lacquer

Black Satin Lacquer Stain Option For Display Cases

Black Satin Lacquer


How We Serve You Best

At Display-Smart we care about the quality and affordability of our displays as much as you do. We put as much effort into the construction of each display as you put into your store, because we understand the importance of a store’s appearance; that’s why we’;ve done our best to make our high-end displays as affordable as possible.

By having two plants on opposite ends of the United States, we are able to cut down on the cost of freight and shipping significantly. All cases ordered from the western half of the United States will be crafted by our west coast plant, while all cases ordered from the eastern half of the United States are constructed by our east coast plant; this ensures that no display has to travel more than half of the United States. Displays ordered internationally will be assigned to the closest corresponding plant according to your location.

Because each case ordered from Display-Smart is highly customized, our manufacturers start each display from scratch. They begin by choosing the wood of your choice; cutting the appropriate sized pieces; assembling all components of the display; crafting and installing any custom features such as pull-out decks, drawers, or mini LED side lights; staining or lacquering the wood; and adding a final coat of clear lacquer to ensure protection from dirt and preservation of color.

The pictures below give you a glimpse into the kind of work our manufacturers put into each case every day to provide you the perfect display for your store.

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