Uncrating Jewelry Display Case GraphicWhile some of our customers receive large shipments via their truck dock with no troubles, you may be of our many other customers such as a boutique or small jewelry store that rarely receive large shipments. In that case, you may need some preparation help.









What To Expect When Receiving A Crated Display Case

Depending on the type of case you ordered, the crated item will vary in size and weight.

Different Sizes of Crated Display Cases

Tools Needed

Before the freight truck comes rolling up to your facility here is a list of tools you will need ready.

  • Metal cutting snips
  • Phillips screwdriver or cordless drill with Phillips bit step ladder (especially needed if you ordered a tower display case.)
  • Knife or scissors

Tools need to uncrate a display case

Step-By-Step Process On How-To Receive a Display Case From Display Smart, LLC.

  1. 1. Know where your responsibility begins!

    If you do not have a truck dock or have requested inside delivery services with your order, it’s important to know that the freight company will lower the case to the ground outside of their truck using a lift gate and from then on you are responsible for the case.

    (IMPORTANT NOTE: Be sure to request a lift gate service when placing your order otherwise you will be responsible for getting the crated display off the truck.)

    Lift Gate

  2. 2. Thoroughly inspect the crate and note any damages

    The freight company often will  not wait for you to uncrate they display case before they request you sign off on receiving the shipment. Take a thorough look at the crate! If there are damages on the crate, then there are likely damages on the display case.

    Damaged Display Case DuringShippment

  3. 3. Signing the Bill of Lading

    The freight company will require that you sign a Bill of Lading as a receipt for receiving the shipment.  It’s important to know that when you sign the Bill of Lading you are telling the freight company that they delivered your package as expected. In the case that your case is damaged, DO NOT SIGN THE BILL OF LADING!

    In the case of damage, the freight company will return the case to us and we will rebuild the case for you.


    (IMPORTANT NOTE:If you sign or do not note that you’ve rejected the shipment on the Bill of Lading and your case was damaged by the freight company, YOU will be responsible for the damage.)

  4. 4. Removing compartmental items first

    Begin by cutting the metal bands. If you have compartmental items, there will be a panel with the writing, “Remove This Panel First.” stated on it.

    Remove the screws on face of panel.

    Carefully remove the items inside this compartment. This usually contains doors, shelves, and hardware.

    Metal Bands Holding Display Case

  5. 5. Remove the top panel

    Using the step ladder if you purchase a tower display case, and locate the screws on the top panel. Remove the screws and then the panel from the top.

    Removing the top panel of the crated display case

  6. 6. Remove the narrow ends of the crate

    Remove the screws on the narrow ends of the crate.
    Once the ends have the two panels with the wood frame remain.

    Removing Side Panels of Crated Display Case

  7. 7. Removing the remaining side panels

    The two widest side panels will remain. To remove these, the screws are located at the base of the panel attached to the pallet. You may need someone to hold the side panel steady while you remove the screws from the pallet.

    Removing Remaining Side Panels

    (IMPORTANT NOTE: Tower display cases will often have their glass shelves in a box laying on the top of the display case. Carefully lift shelves off the top of the case before proceeding.)

    Shelves on top of a crated display case

  8. 8. Remove packing material

    The display case will be thoroughly wrapped in packing material. With your scissors or a knife carefully remove and discard packing material.

    Packing Wrapped Display Case

  9. Lift display case off the pallet

    The display case is substantially lighter than the original received crate, however, you may need help due to the size to lift the display case off of the pallet.
    Move the case into your store.

    Unwrapped Display Case

  10. Enjoy!

    After you’ve assembled the shelves and doors (Blog post with directions coming soon), add your items to be displayed.You joy isn’t complete until you share with others, so please send us a photo of you case fully installed! We love to see our customers pleased!