Executive Award and Trophy Display CaseWhen deciding how to display a hard-earned award, one must think of it’s display setting. The quality of the case must reflect the quality of work that earned the reward.  One is proud of their accomplishments, one must proudly display them as well.


What to consider when displaying you award

Display Smart can certainly fit the needs for properly displaying your trophies and awards.

To accomplish a perfect display for your proud earned award, you should have the freedom to design your award display case. At Display Smart you can customize any case to fit the needs you have by choosing from the custom options.

4 specific options to consider when choosing your award display case :

1. The style – contemporary, modern, classic, sleek, rustic, etc..  With straight lines and less trim, you can achieve a more modern, industrial look and draw the eye to look at the detail of your award. Try our contemporary case style to achieve this look or go with what fits your style.

We would be glad to design the exact case you want, if you can’t find what you want on our website. 

Toll Free: 888.843.1869

2. The lighting – Lighting is everything. If you have a well lit room or lots of direct sunlight, you may want to have no lighting in your case. If you are display awards made of glass or crystal we recommend going with our cool white LED lights which are 5,500 kelvin. If you are displaying awards made of ceramic, gold, or wood we recommend going with our warm white LED lights which are 3,500 kelvin.

3. Display viewing area   We understand that your awards may be of variable sizes. We can customize a case to have a larger viewing area for large awards. We provide adjustable shelves so that you can rotate different awards at different times.

4. Security and safety – Because of their safety and manageability, tempered glass doors are in each specialty and trophy case. Our display cases have a keyed security lock in the door. If you choose a horizontal case to display your award, we secure the top glass with a custom designed security frame. Your products will be beautifully displayed as well as efficiently protected.

With all our cases, you can customize them to the way you would like. If you aren’t satisfied with any of out pre-designed cases, please call us and we will gladly have a designer help you construct the case to fit your needs.


Display Smart, LLC ships products nationwide including the following cities: San Diego TX, Fruitland MC, DeWitt MI, Adel IA, Luverne MN, Sykesville MD, Larksville PA, Ogallala NE, Lafayette TN