Panel Display Case Legs

What helps define the style of a display case? You might be surprised but the legs of a display case really define the look and style probably more than any other part of the case.  You may also be surprised that some of our display case have the same display areas, however, when the legs are changed you have a totally different looking display.  Just for fun I’ll show you an example.

Here are some of the display case legs that are available on display cases.  The style of leg helps define the environment whether it is in a museum, boutique, office lobby, university trophy room, or jewelry store.
Add another variation of color or stain and see what it does to the look.  It is amazing, you can get an elegant, classy or even rustic look.  Let us know what kind of environment you want to present and we can suggest the type of legs and finish that will accomplish the look you want.


Inside Taper

The legs are tapered on the two inside sides.  The look of the display can be dramatically changed depending whether the legs are thin and slender or thick and heavy.

Tapered Leg Jewelry Display Cases

Outside Taper

Legs tapered on the outside give more of a European look.  Again, the look of the display is created by the thickness of the legs.

Inward Tapered Leg Display Cases

Tapered on all Sides

Legs tapered on all sides are reminiscent of contemporary furniture in the 60’s.

Tapered Round Legs

Tapered round legs are a classy look of the 1950’s modern furniture.


Straight legs can look classy with and without details. Changing the thickness of the leg give a totally different look.

Straight Leg Pedestal Display Case


Straight side panel legs give a very clean contemporary look or an elegant look depending upon how they are finished.  Panel legs can be added to most horizontal or tower cases.  The legs can range in thickness from ¾” to 5” thick.  We can provide a rendering to show you just how the legs would look on a case built for you.Panel Display Case Legs


Turned legs give a very distinguished look that fits well on jewelry display cases.  We recently built some beautiful display cases for a jewelry store in Maryland.  We custom designed the cases to be horizontal sit down displays. Turned legs are available in maple and red oak but can be ordered in mahogany, cherry or walnut on a custom basis.

Turned Leg Display Cases


We have produced display cases with Queen Anne legs for jewelry stores, boutiques, bridal shops and museums.  They give a very artistic elegant look and draw attention to the case whatever the setting.  Queen Anne legs are available in solid hardwoods: maple, cherry,red oak and mahogany.

Queen Anne Leg Display Case


Ball and Claw legs can be used to help develop an elegant environment giving a taste of yesteryear.  The carved detail lends interest to the display case.   The ball and claw feet are added to a curved Queen Anne leg to give it an additional touch.  Ball and Claw legs are also available in maple, cherry, red oak and mahogany solid hardwoods.

Ball and Claw Display Cases


Executive legs give an ellette look to any display case whether a tower or horizontal display case. They are intricately carved with inset panels.  A display case with Executive legs looks great in a office lobby, an executive’s office or home den.  Executive legs are available in maple, red oak, knotty pine, alder, cherry, mahogany, red birch and black walnut hardwoods.

Executive Legs Display Case