Secure Display Case Showcasing Artifacts

Whether the display case is housing personal collections, museum artifacts, or precious jewelry it is important that the case is secure from pilferage.  There are different means to accomplish this.

Realistically no case is totally protected from violation.  The goal is to keep “honest people honest” and slow down dishonest people by making it very difficult to take any product.
Here are a few ways display cases can be “beefed up” to provide more security and slow down or even deter the “bad guys”.


There are different quality levels of hardware.  Attractive yet strong door track, locks and hinges adds to the time to break into a display case.  Paying more for good hardware pays a big difference on the life span of the lock.  This will save you time and money from replacing worn out or broken locks.Display Case Hardware


Security can be added to a wood frame of the display case by using a metal security frame around the top glass panel.  If by chance the glass is broken, an additional feature to the security frame is that it can be unscrewed and new glass inserted.

Security Frame on Display Case


We have a blog on the types of glass available for display cases.   Two types of glass that add more security are tempered glass and laminated safety glass.   Tempered glass is very hard to break but can be broken with a strong blow from a heavy hammer.   Laminated safety glass which has a film of vinyl between two layers of glass is the best protection of breaking glass.

Safety Glass

The layer of vinyl holds the two layers of glass together if broken.  The vinyl is tough to tear.  As a result “smash and grabs” are hindered.  Of course increasing the thickness of the glass also increases the difficulty of breaking it.  Any of these helps slow down if not deter a thief.  Time is of the essence for them.  The more they can be slowed down the more they get frustrated and may give up.
We hope you never have a display case broken into but if you do adding to the security of your case can help reduce your loss.