Diane Dorsey Jewelry

Diane Dorsey is a high-end custom jewelry artisan in Los Olivos, CA. She has a beautiful studio in which she does her work. She wanted a contemporary looking display case in solid walnut to highlight her work. Our craftsmen built her a 72” wide jewelry vision case with a 9-inch glass height. The case is very contemporary looking with clean lines and tapered legs. The case was lighted with an LED tube light with a 5,000 Kelvin (Daylight) bulb. Diane is very pleased with her showcase and told us she plans to order another case soon.

72” Jewelry Vision Case with Tapered Legs- Sliding Doors
Size: 72” w x 22” d x 40” h
Glass Height: 9”
Material: Walnut
Finish: Clear Coat
Deck: Same as Case
Lighting: LED Bar Light
Light Location: At front of case pointing to the doors
Cord Location: Clerk side right leg
Light Color: Cool White – 5,000K
Doors: Sliding, clear glass
Lock: Yes, plunger in track
Glass: All tempered
Security Frame: Yes
Levelers: Yes
High Quality Hardware: Yes


They fit like a glove...

"The cases are beautiful. They fit like a glove. They are great! Everybody loves them."