School or University Trophy and Award ShowcaseSchools have many different things to display. Students win academic awards, sports trophies, and other miscellaneous things. It is encouragement to students to see their school’s success in awards and prizes.


Since we offer such a variety of Pre-Designed sm display cases and custom cases, we can accommodate any of your needs.

A most popular style for offices and schools is either the classic or contemporary look. Below is a classic corner case for awards to be displayed in the office of an elementary school.

School and University Display Cases

Many schools consider putting a display case right inside the school’s front door or in the main office. This way, every visitor and student has the chance to see them. We’ve also had universities who use these cases to display unique artifacts in their library like this replica of a 1611 King James Bible in the above image.

If you have many awards and trophies to display from your school’s success our wall display cases are perfect. You can line a few of these cases next to each other on down the hallway. You could pin up everyone’s medal in a wall display case so the rest of the student body can see their performance and achievement.

If our standard dimensions don’t measure up, let us know (Click here to fill out a form) or call 1-800-843-1870 and we can build one perfectly for your school. Our standard cases come in widths of 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” wide but we have built them up to 80” wide.

Our display cases have adjustable tempered glass shelves as well as lockable doors and optional storage areas.