Almost on a daily basis we are called by individuals or companies inquiring about the display case designs we offer on our website.  It is interesting the number of ways our cases are used and in what settings.  Here are some of the Industries or categories we have built display cases for.  I am sure as time goes on we will be adding more and more categories.

Jewelry Store and Watch Store Display Cases

Some of the larger users of our display cases are jewelry stores.  We offer a large range of types and styles of cases that present their product well at retail with bright LED lights that make the jewelry sparkle.  The quality of our display cases match the quality of jewelry stores’ merchandise which we see as a “must have” for jewelry retailers’ store aesthetics.


Jewelry Display Cases For Sale


Boutiques, Gift Shops, Bridal Stores

Boutiques and Gift Shops are another large user of display cases.   Display Cases in boutiques are used to highlight figurines, crystal, art, jewelry, watches and accessories.  Many specialize in hand-made or one-of-a kind items.  Often these products are trendy high quality items.  Gift shops are found in several locations such as museum gift shops, national park gift shops, hotel gift shops. We often customize gift shop and boutique showcases to fit their desired look.

Bridal and Gift Shop Display Cases

Corporate Lobbies, Offices and Showrooms

We sell a lot of our trophy display cases for corporate lobbies or offices, municipalities, military agencies, government agencies, universities, high schools and grade schools.  These entities will also order display cases to display historical items from photographs, old documents and items from the past.

Corporate Office Display Cases

Gun Stores and Pawn Shops

A couple of other industry showing interest in our showcases are gun stores and pawn shops.  Due to potential regulations on firearms gun stores are sprouting up across the country. We have recently gained a lot of firearm customers for custom display cases. Pawn Shops on the other hand are changing their image by upgrading their stores from a dusty shop to very nice looking retail store.

Gun Store Display Cases

Design Firms

Along with being contacted directly by store owners we also have Interior designers and architects contact us on behalf of their clients or to fulfill a display case need for a project.  We have the ability to provide 3D scale renderings to help clients see how the cases would look in their facility.

E-Cigaretta and Marijuana Cannabis Retail Stores

With new technology new retail stores emerge.  We have produced several display cases for E-Cigarette Stores.
Another new industry that is using our display cases is medical marijuana cannabis dispensaries and now recreational marijuana cannabis retail stores. With new laws in place new retail businesses have arrived.

 e-cigarette display cases

Universities, High Schools, Grade Schools

Trophy cases are a way for us to remember our history and accomplishments and to share them with others.  We have built trophy cases for grade schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges and universities.
We have enjoyed designing and building trophy cases for the architectural library for Texas A&M University, a Queen Anne Display Case for Heartland Baptist College to house a replica of a hand printed 1611 King James Bible and many more.  The design and style of our trophy cases vary according to the environment and decor in which they are placed.
It is a matter of taste whether the backs of the cases are clear glass, solid wood matching the case or mirror.  Mirror reflects the light in the case but sometimes can become distracting if there are several items in the display case.  Clear glass or wood give a simple background that is less distracting.
We build all of our towers with adjustable shelves to accommodate different sized items being displayed.  We use 1/4 inch thick tempered glass for all shelves unless the items per shelf will weight 50 pound or more.  In that case we will use 3/8 inch thick glass with thicker shelf pins to accommodate the additional weight.

School and University Display Cases


We don’t always get photos of all the installations we have done but here are a few of the display cases we have done for libraries.  One of the more interesting cases was a 36” square tower 80” high with lighting above and below to display actual Muppet puppets in a children’s library.
Libraries often use display cases to highlight items that will draw children’s attention to read about different cultures or historical items.  Placing the books in the display case along with the items makes a great display.

Library Display cases

Museums, Historical Societies, National Parks, Military

We have had the opportunity to make display cases for National Parks from the Grand Canyon in the West to the Mayflower gift shop in Plymouth, MA in the East,  From Canada in the North to Texas in the South.  We are proud that our cases are being used throughout the United States.
I wish we had photos of all of these locations to show the different ways our display cases are being used.  We are currently quoting on some display cases that will be used in a past NASA Tracking Station that has been turned into a Science Exploratory Museum and Gallery.  We have display cases on Military Bases and Military Museums.

Historical Society and Museum Display Cases

Individual Collectors of Minerals, Antique Toys, and Figurines

We have custom designed and built display cases for a variety of individual collectors.  The items have ranged from minerals and gems, ancient artifacts, movie and sports collectibles, model planes, model trains and antique toys to name a few.  Probably one of the most unique uses for our cases are for antiquity books holding copies of books as far back as the 14th century.  Another unusual items is a collection of antique Automatons (mechanical moving objects).  An avid collector had us build 8 tower cases for his collection.  He basically has a small museum in his home.

Collectors Display Cases


Miscellaneous Retailers We Service

Other types of retailers that use our display cases are art galleries, optical stores, spas, salons, Christmas stores and sporting goods stores.  We have also had coin stores contact us for display case ideas and store layout design.

We enjoy designing and building display cases that fit the needs of our customers! We love seeing the final product. Each retail store, office, and home we design a display case for has it’s unique characteristics and is telling of their culture. We love seeing this come to life.

If you are interested in purchasing display cases we have two options for you.

1. Take A Look At Our Website Catalog

We offer a multitude of designs and sizes on our online catalog of “Pre-Designed Display Cases SM” We build these cases to order in the color of your choice with our without LED lights.

Let us know how you would like us to build it and we will get you a quote for the case with the options you picked and a freight quote.  Click here or go to our product page

2. Have Your Display Cases Custom Designed

We can custom design or modify our Pre-Designed showcases. Click here or go to our custom case design page and fill out the contact form and our designers will contact you to help design the right display cases for your store.

We offer 3D store layout designs for you to envision the custom display cases and store design before purchasing.


We offer solid hardwood display cases at unbeatable prices customized for the look you want.  

Please call us if you have any questions. 785.843.1869

We serve the United States by having three manufacturing plants (West Coast, Mid-West and East Coast)  This allows us to give the best freight rates possible.  We have the ability to ship via Commercial Truck Line, Air Ride Van Line, or have it delivered by a local moving company and delivered inside your home.