Custom Queen Anne Display Case - The Old Christmas Station (4)Our display cases come in many different styles, shapes, and sizes. You may find it hard deciding which display case is right for your retail store.
Don’t fret! We’ve created a list of our different types of display cases and what they have to offer you. Perhaps this is helpful in your decision on purchasing the right display.


Jewelry Display Cases

As retail jewelry vendors we all look for retail jewelry display cases that will catch and keep the customers eye amid the rest of the environment, whether the rest of the store is more jewelry or other types of merchandise.
As retail jewelry vendors we all look for retail jewelry display cases that will catch and keep the customers eye amid the rest of the environment, whether the rest of the store is more jewelry or other types of merchandise.

All cases are locking display cases so you can be sure your valuables are safe. The accurate construction of each case provides an environment inside the case that keeps out dust, humidity and liquids. All showcases have a high quality clear coat to protect your investment. Perhaps a Queen Anne wood display case will have the elegance to show off your jewelry, or a lighted display case, or both combined.

There is always an option to light the jewelry display case and the lighting can bring out the best and the brightest in your jewelry. We will help you with the selection of lighting and the lighting location. A glass display case can be viewed from different angles or from all sides, the more angles to show off your jewelry and engage the customer the better. You can choose a framed glass case or a case with bonded glass to glass construction for an even clearer view of your jewelry. Modification of the jewelry display can include making the deck into a pull out drawer for easier access to your jewelry. Modifications to an existing design or creating a custom design are quickly produced. If you take your jewelry out of the usual retail environment into trade shows there are knock down display cases in jewelry vision, full vision, or extra vision models.


Black museum display case

Display Smart provides you with a wide selection of black museum display cases. These glass display cases include wall cases, jewelry vision display cases, display case towers, counter top cases, Queen Anne style cases and jewelry pedestals. We even have some black glass on glass display cases for full vision of the items displayed. When you add lighting to the cases, either top lights or side lights or both, you will add a striking accent to any product in your glass display cabinet. These museum display cabinets can be used for a beautiful presentation of small antiques, curios, keepsakes, jewelry, models or any fine items that you may want to display.
Our museum cases are constructed out of hardwood with a black lacquer finish. They come pre-assembled, lockable, tempered glass doors for safety and adjustable shelves. These glass cabinets are all beautifully finished on all sides for 360 degree viewing. They are constructed by craftsmen and are built to last for years and have a clear coat finish to protect your investment. The accurate construction of each case provides an environment inside the case that keeps out dust, humidity and liquids.

Tower display cases

Glass tower display cases are very flexible and can be used to maximize your retail space or enhance the look of any office, retail, corporate or residential room. Many of our towers are freestanding and can be placed anywhere in the room; they are beautifully finished on all sides. Some display towers are wall or corner towers that look very handsome on the perimeter of the room and all are flexible enough to be used in more than one spot in a room should you rearrange the look of your retail store or an office. Glass showcases can be constructed with simple or more elaborate moldings depending on the look you want. Towers come standard with top lights and side lights are optional; they beautifully enhance the look of items in a tower display, top lights and side can be provided in either halogen or LED lighting. Custom tower cases can be designed to your specifications. As with all our cases they are built by craftsmen and made to be durable and long lasting.

Wall display cases

A single wall display or multiple cases are excellent ways to provide product space or presentation space around the perimeter of any room. Display Smart can build a custom wall cabinet, glass wall display cabinet or a jewelry wall display depending on your needs; you provide the specifications and we will send you a design. Many of our wall showcases are Pre-Designed ShowcasesSM and can be ready to ship in two weeks. They are shipped pre-assembled with locking cases, adjustable shelves, tempered glass doors a tough clear coat to protect the finish. If you have collectibles or trophies that you would like to be beautifully presented you can choose from several wall display cases for collectibles. Our wall cases are easily top lighted and/or side lighted with halgen or LED lights.

Queen Anne display case

Our Queen Anne display cases are simply elegant and will enhance the look of any item or items that you choose to display inside, and they have the beautifully shaped Queen Anne legs or cabriole legs. Need Queen Anne jewelry showcases? We have a variety of Queen Anne display cases that will fit your needs from cash wraps to jewelry vision cases to glass display towers or pedestals. Perhaps multiple Queen Anne glass display cabinets end to end will be just what you need to display a larger quantity of quality items. Glass on glass towers are wonderful in the Queen Anne style, too. Our most popular Queen Anne cases are stained cordovan (cherry) on red oak veneer or wood, and with all our cases there are 24 different stains to choose from for no added cost. Specialty matching of stains will be quoted separately.

Horizontal display case

Our horizontal display cases come in Extra Vision, Full Vision, Half Vision or Jewelry Vision to match how you would like to showcase your retail merchandise or other items for display. You can present a wider array of items with either a full or extra vision display cabinet or you can choose to focus on a single layer of items with a jewelry vision display case “ whether you are showing off jewelry or other product. We also offer horizontal display showcases in several design styles: Contemporary, Traditional, Museum Style and Queen Anne. As with all of our cases these retail display cases can be modified by size, wood, finishes and lighting. They come with locking doors, adjustable shelves and tempered glass doors or wood doors.

Specialty and Trophy Cases

Our collectors display cases can be used for any collectible item, trophies, mineral or memorabilia, any collectible or retail item that will fit on these adjustable shelves. All of the trophy display cases have locking doors, as do all of our display cases. These display cabinets for collectibles lend themselves to side lighting of your items and as with the overhead lights the side lights are available in halogen or LED bulbs. Our specialty cases can be ordered with a variety of stains to suit your interior and all come with a clear coat finish for longevity. The collectors case with storage is perfect for a retail environment.

Optical Display Cases

Optical retailers can choose from a variety of display cases with large viewing areas to display glasses and accessories. We offer personal yet professional assistance in selecting the appropriate displays for your business needs: we have tower displays, countertop displays and sit down displays so your customer can try on their glasses. All displays are pre-assembled, lockable retail display cabinets with adjustable shelving and optional lighting. You can modify the stain, veneer or wood of any unit to match the look of your store, so the optical display cases you choose will be a complement to your retail space. Whether you are adding one optical showcase, several cases or designing a complete store we can help you with our store design capabilities.

Countertop and Wall Mounted

Are you using your available space for retail? Wall mounted display cases and countertop display cases can do that for you by beautifully filling in unused wall or counter space, therefore increasing your return per square foot of your space. These counter display cases lend themselves to showcasing different lines of product that you are selling and provide eye level viewing. Another option is to place the display case on a pedestal creating a focal point for your store. All the countertop and wall mounted display cases come pre-assembled, have adjustable shelving, standard Halogen or LED lighting, security locks and come with a clear coat finish to protect your veneer, stain and wood. They will both protect your items from theft, fingerprints, dust and humidity and they will present your items in the best light. All cases can be ordered with a glass top to maximize ambient lighting.

Cash Wraps

We offer a variety of designs for cash wraps, register stands and checkout counters, from a single register stand, to a combo register stand and display case unit, to a 3 piece unit consisting of a register stand, display showcase and a tower display. We can custom design a cash wrap for a fully enclosed checkout and display counter with showcases in a square or another configuration. We can provide a 2-D or a 3-D rendering to help you make the right choices. We are glad to help you whether it is one display showcase or multiple display cases and store fixtures. Register stands and cash wraps can be modified to include a check writing platform. All cases come pre-assembled, with locking doors, Halogen or LED lighting, tempered glass doors and adjustable shelving, with your choice of wood, stain or finish to complement the rest of your store.

Knock Down Displays

Display Smart has a full line of knock down display cases. We have tower units, feature pedestals, cash wraps, countertop cases, wall mounted cases and full vision or extra vision horizontal cases. These ready to assemble display cases have threaded inserts for easy assembly requiring just a Phillips screwdriver and a hammer. They save on shipping costs and can be torn down and re-assembled as many times as necessary for trade show display cases. As with all of our models the knock down displays are Made in America.

Store Fixtures

We also carry a line of store fixtures and store fixture displays for your retail space and strive for the highest combination of affordability, functionality and quality. Our retail display fixtures can provide the best use of your space possible and we can design your new store or renovation for you. We also design and make custom store fixtures to your specifications or you can choose from our pre-designed store fixtures. We have experience with gift shops, specialty shops, coffee shops, industrial, business and residential environments.