Illuminated Product Display Case Tower We recently manufactured a custom designed display case for Frederic Duclos Silver Extraordinaire. They are planning on selling this display case to their distributors as a package.

We loved the idea and wanted to design the retail display case that gave a proper presentation  according to the quality of their product.


What makes this jewelry display case special…

The lighting is the most significant part of this vitrine. The bottom, top and sides of the display case illuminated. You may think, ” Will this cause for a HOT display case?” We thought of that! So we used special LED lights to control heat. We also noted that the LED driver fan may cause vibration and noise that we would like to muffle by adding a cushion that would be unseen.


Specifically, why did this case need a custom design?

All of our Pre-designed display cases are made of wood and glass, however, this case has aluminum and laminated particle board with frosted acrylic with a logo print.

We love building wood and glass display cases but that doesn’t mean we aren’t up for building cases that involve other materials. Our manufacturers have a wide range of capabilities.

How did the customer know that the design was right to begin production?

With each idea, our designers present our clients with drawing like the one below. Along with each drawing we present a price for the case as well as the freight.

Tower Acrylic Header 76in Height

If our client doesn’t like the design, we then draw another. We don’t begin production until we hit the mark.

If you are interesting in a custom design for your retail display case, click here and we’d be glad to help you!