The Classic Rectangular Jewelry Vision Horizontal Display Case with Storage enables you to showcase jewelry or other small items to customers in a way that allows them to see every classic detail.  These wooden display cases come in widths of 48”, 60” or 72” to suit a variety of needs, and are also 22” deep and 40” high.

Lighting options include LED or fluorescent lights, and this rectangular display case comes with a sliding door with a keyed security lock for added safety and protection of the product inside.  The sliding door is available in your choice of matching wood, clear glass or mirror.  The storage area is 28” high.

These jewelry display cases can also come with a black or white fabric pad, or a black or white hard board deck to provide contrast to your display.  As with all the cases at Display-Smart, this wooden jewelry display case comes with a clear finish at no additional cost to protect the case for many years to come.

Display-Smart ships cases nationwide including to the following cities: Pumphrey MD, Dickson CA, Hosston LA, Fruitvale CO, Grovteton VA